December 28, 2023 - January 9, 2024
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Acts 17 tells us that God appoints the times and places we are to hold so that we might perhaps reach out to him. The story of Paraguay is such an example. It all started with the camp in South Africa and Brazil some years ago. Once the camp in South Africa got started people in the surrounding countries began to send their children; once such man was Araujo Frascisco who was leading the church in Maputo, Mozambique. He sent his son to Johannesburg and upon his return home was so excited for camp that he approached Rodwell Mugochi, the South African Camp Director, about having camp in Mozambique.

With the help of the Columbia Church of Christ in Columbia, South Carolina, and Samuel Santos, the Camp Director in Brazil, a team from South Africa and Brazil started the camp in Mozambique. Within a few months after the first camp in Maputo, Araujo and his family moved to Paraguay as his wife is from Argentina and they wanted to be closer (being on the same continent is closer :D ), where he immediately sought out Samuel in Brazil and wanted to arrange for kids in Paraguay to attend a camp in Brazil.

But then the church in Asuncion City, Paraguay decided why not save our money and start a camp in Paraguay and so discussions started happening with Samuel in Brazil, Rolando Obando (Camp Director and Trainer in Nicaragua), and Omar Zamboni (Camp Director in Honduras) and the plan came together to have the first camp in Paraguay in January 2023 with Rolando and Omar and a team from Central America, Brazil and the United States. Very exciting how the Spirit sets things in motion. Praise and honor to the Spirit and God for making this happen.

Trip Information

Fees & Deadlines:


  • Round Trip Flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Asuncion, Paraguay
  • All Lodging
  • All Camp Fees
  • All Transportation
  • 24 out of 35 meals
  • Group Travel Insurance
Does NOT Include:
  • Vaccination Costs (click here for more info)
  • Souvenirs and Approximately 11 Meals - Suggest $150
  • Personal Travel Insurance (See details in the key Information Section)
  • Deposit - $395 by April 30
  • Payment #1 - $250 by May 31
  • Payment #2 - $250 by June 30
  • Payment #3 - $250 by July 31
  • Payment #4 - $250 by August 31
  • Payment #5 - $250 by September 30
  • Payment #6 - $250 by October 31
  • Payment #7 - $250 by November 30
  • Payment #8 - $250 by December 15

Participant Meeting Schedule

Paraguay Participant Meeting #1
MON, 21 AUG, 8:00-9:00PM

Paraguay Participant Meeting #2
MON, 6 NOV, 8:00-8:45PM

Paraguay Participant Meeting #3
MON, 18 DEC, 8:00-8:15PM

Key Information:

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  • Do I Need a Visa?
    Visa is not required for stays less than 90 days.

    Click here for more information.
  • Are Vaccinations Needed?
    Check the following two sources: Passport Health or CDC Health Information for Travelers to Paraguay.
    Use these sites to find the nearest Travel Clinic to you.
    They can advise you on the shots needed and the fees associated with each one.
    We highly suggest the use of a travel clinic as they are more knowledgeable and prepared.
  • Camp Schedule
    Tentative Camp Schedule
    This schedule is subject to change as we refine it over the ensuing months.

    Updated 12/18/2023

    Arrive Friday December 29
    Staff Training on SUN, DEC 31 and MON, JAN 1
    Enjoy New Years at camp.

    Tuesday, January 2:

    4:00 PM Campers Arrive / Cabin Assignments
    5:00 PM Welcome/Rules/Information
    6:00 PM Free time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:00 PM Opening Devotional
    9:00 PM Cabin Time
    10:00 PM Lights Out

    Wednesday, January 3:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean Dorm Rooms
    9:30 AM Camp Meeting
    9:40-11:00 AM Free Time
    11:00 AM Bible Class
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:30 PM Free time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:00 PM Free Time
    8:30 PM Devotional (Counselor Led)
    9:00 PM Cabin Time
    10:00 Lights Out

    Thursday, January 4:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    8:45 AM Clean Dorm Rooms
    9:00 AM Singing Devotional
    9:45-11:00 AM Free Time
    11:00 AM Bible Classes
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:30 PM Free Time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:15 PM Star Light Devotional
    9:00 PM To Cabin
    10:00 PM Lights Out

    Friday, January 5:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean Dorms
    9:30 AM Camp Meeting
    9:40-11:00 AM Free Time
    11:00 AM Bible Class (Cross Study)
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:30 PM Free Time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:15 PM Ring & Mingle of Honor
    9:30 PM To Cabin
    10:30 PM Lights Out

    Saturday, January 6:
    7:45 AM Grateful Devotional
    8:30 AM Breakfast
    9:15 AM Clean Dorms
    9:45 AM Camp Meeting
    9:40-11:00 AM Free Time
    11:00 AM Bible Class
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:30 PM Free Time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:15 PM Talent Show
    9:30 PM To Cabin
    10:30 PM Lights Out

    Sunday, January 7:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean & Pack
    10:00-12:00 AM Worship Service & Closing Ceremony
    1:00 PM Depart
  • Emergency Contact Information
    Below are the numbers you can call

    During Trip
    When: Any time
    Jeff Rorabaugh - +1-706-818-5842
  • Flight Information
    As of 12/18/23

    -------------- -------------------
    THU 28DEC

    -------------- -------------------

    THU 28DEC

    -------------- -------------------

    THU 28DEC

    -------------- -------------------

    FRI 29DEC

    -------------- -------------------

    TUE 09JAN

    -------------- -------------------

    TUE 09JAN

    -------------- -------------------

    TUE 09JAN

    -------------- -------------------

    TUE 09JAN
  • Itinerary
    2023-24 Paraguay Trip Itinerary

    Updated 12/18/2023

    Thursday, December 28:
    • Meet at ATL Airport International Terminal 12:00P
    • Depart Atlanta - 3:19P
    • Arrive in Panama City, Panama - 7:32P
    • Depart Panama City - 9:17P

    Friday, December 29:
    • Arrive Asuncion - 5:33A
    • Travel to Camp
    • Rest & Hang out

    Saturday, December 30:
    • Enjoy Asuncion City

    Sunday, December 31:
    • Worship at camp
    • Celebrate New Years

    Monday, January 1:
    • Conduct Staff Training and Prepare Camp

    Tuesday, January 2:
    • Kids Arrive 11:00am

    Tuesday, January 2 - Sunday, January 7:
    • Year 2 Paraguay Camp

    Sunday, January 7:
    • Camp-led Worship Service
    • Return to Asuncion City

    Monday, January 8:
    • Enjoy Rest
    • Activity TBA

    Tuesday, January 9:
    • Depart Asuncion City - 1:15A
    • Arrive Panama City, Panama - 5:20A
    • Depart Panama City - 9:24A
    • Arrive in Atlanta - 1:45P
  • Participants
    BackstromMiiaWilmington, NC
    BaileyEvanFayetteville, NC
    BaileyIsabellaFayetteville, NC
    BaileyJulianaFayetteville, NC
    BasilioArianaWilmington, NC
    BernardoHeatherWilmington, NC
    BernardoJonWilmington, NC
    BravoIsabelDumvries, VA
    CellinoLolaWoodstock, GA
    DesirKaylaDacula, GA
    DriesElisabethWilmington, NC
    DriesBillWilmington, NC
    FreibergerScottGallatin, TN
    HagerMarkusKings Mountain, NC
    HarrisonColinWoodstock, GA
    HowardCarsonBogart, GA
    HowardWilliamBogart, GA
    KeyLeviBishop, GA
    KeySilasBishop, GA
    KodinskyCamdenMarietta, GA
    LausenSkylarGarner NC
    NashIreneGarner, NC
    NashVanessaGarner, NC
    ReddLeeMonroe, GA
    RorabaughJenniferWilmington, NC
    RorabaughJeffWilmington, NC
    Ruiz-DiazWillBuford, GA
    ThompsonAveryWilmington, NC
    ThompsonBlakeWilmington, NC
    ThompsonCassidyWilmington, NC
    ThompsonElizabethWilmington, NC
    ThompsonKevinWilmington, NC
    ThompsonSawyerWilmington, NC
    WeyrickMackenzieCharlotte, NC
    WilliamsKatherineWatkinsville, GA
    YimAngelicaRoswell, GA
    YimMayaRoswell, GA
    YimSethRoswell, GA
  • Camp Location
  • Personal Travel Insurance Details
    Faith Ventures Pricing

    For more details and to purchase, please visit; a service provided by Brotherhood Mutual, our group insurance carrier, or Secutive insurance services as recommended by Sarah Kodinsky.


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