October 4-20, 2024
Year 2 of 3

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Through the relationships of Abraham, Swamp India Camp Director, the church in Kathmandu, Nepal heard about camp. In October of 2019, Abraham and Jeff took a trip there to check out various camp locations and meet with the church to inform them of camp and of Swamp Corps. From this point, it was decided that Anu and Gulshan Dangol would be the camp directors. Plans are being made for Anu and Gulshan to travel to India in May of 2021 for training and then a Swamp Corps trip is planned for October 2021 for the first-ever Swamp camp in Nepal.

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a sovereign country in South Asia. It is mainly in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is the 49th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area. People from many countries travel to Nepal for the mountain treks and natural beauty.

We are excited to announce this trip and hope to have the most international training team yet to date. Join us today for an exciting time...and a trek in the Himalayan mountains.

Trip Information


  • Round Trip Flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • All Lodging - camp nights, hotel nights
  • All Camp Fees
  • All Transportation
  • 42 out of 51 meals
  • Group Travel Insurance
Does NOT Include:
  • Vaccination Costs (click here for more info)
  • 15-Day Visa Upon Entry Cost ($50)
  • Souvenirs
  • Approximately 9 Meals - Suggest $150
  • Personal Travel Insurance (See details in the Key Information Section)
  • Deposit - $395 by Apr 1
  • Payment #2 - $400 by May 1
  • Payment #3 - $400 by Jun 1
  • Payment #4 - $400 by Jul 1
  • Payment #5 - $400 by Aug 1
  • Payment #6 - $400 by Sep 1
  • Payment #7 - $400 by Oct 1
Participant Information Calls:
  • Call #1: MON JUN 10, 8:00-9:00PM EDT
  • Call #2: MON AUG 26, 8:00-8:45PM EDT
  • Call #3: MON, SEP 30, 8:00-8:30PM EDT
  • NOTE: The purpose of these calls is to share pertinent travel information and to be available for communication and Q&A

Key Information:

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  • Do I Need a Visa?
    A visa is required to enter Nepal and can be purchased at the airport upon arrival. Cost is $30.
  • Are Vaccinations Needed?
    Check the following two sources: Passport Health or CDC Health Information for Travelers to Nepal.

    Find the nearest Travel Clinic to you. They can advise you on the vaccinations needed and the fees associated with each one.

    Recommendations and Notes from consultation with UGA Travel Clinic:

    • Must have MMR: verify up-to-date; can request MMR Titer if not sure
    • Highly Recommended Medicines / Vaccinations:
      • Malaria: get 23 day prescription of malarone: easier on stomach and less pills to take.
      • Typhoid: shot lasts 2 years, pills last 5 years
      • Cholera: get zithromax as your diarrhea antibiotic to bring with you
    • Optional Vaccinations - Your Call:
      • Yellow Fever - one shot lasts a lifetime.
      • Japanese Encaphalitis: not likely but it can be present because of high mosquito population. Medicine is costly (approx $700 for two shots); comes in two doses and must be taken 28 days apart. We will have mosquito repellent with us.

    Buy generous supply of Ultrathon that is listed on the Stuff to Bring list. It is pricey but affective; same as used by military.
  • Camp Schedule
    Camp Schedule
    This schedule is subject to change as we refine it over the ensuing months.

    Updated 02/21/2024

    Arrive SUN 06 OCT
    Hotel SUN-MON
    Staff Training on TUE 08 OCT - WED 09 OCT

    Thursday, October 10:

    11:00 AM Campers Arrive
    11:30 AM Cabin/Team Assignments
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Tours of Property by Counselors
    2:00 PM Go to Rooms Unpack / Settle in
    3:00 PM Welcome / Rules / Da-Hall
    4:00PM Free Time
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:00 PM Opening Devotional
    9:00 PM Cabin Time
    10:00 PM Lights Out

    Friday, October 11:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean Dorm Rooms
    9:30 AM Camp Meeting
    9:40-11:00 AM Free Time
    12:00 PM Bible Class (The Humble Meaning)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    1:45 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:45 PM Free time
    5:00 PM Dodgeball
    6:00 PM Freshen Up for Evening
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:00 PM Devotional (Counselor Led)
    9:00 PM Cabin Time
    10:00 Lights Out

    Saturday, October 12:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    8:45 AM Clean Dorm Rooms
    9:15 AM Singing Devotional
    10:00 AM Free Time
    12:00 PM Bible Classes (The Humble Mirror)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    1:45 PM Dorm Team Time
    5:00 PM Swamp Ball
    6:00 PM Freshen Up for Evening
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:30 PM Star Light Devotional (The Humble Maker)
    9:30 PM To Cabin
    10:00 PM Lights Out

    Sunday, October 13:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean Dorms
    9:30 AM Camp Meeting
    9:40-12:00 AM Free Time
    12:00 PM Bible Class (The Humble Message)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    1:45 PM Dorm Team Time
    2:45 PM Free Time
    5:00 PM Ring & Mingle of Honor
    7:00 PM Dinner
    8:30 PM Talent Show / Dance Party
    11:00 PM Cabin Time
    12:00 AM Lights Out

    Monday, October 14:
    7:30AM Grateful Devotional
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:30 AM Clean & Pack
    11:00-11:30 AM Closing Ceremony
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM Depart
  • Emergency Contact Information
    Below are the numbers you can call

    During Trip
    When: Any time
    Jeff Rorabaugh
    Cell: 706-818-5842
    Email: jeff at

    At Camp

    • TBA
    • Location: TBA
    NOTE: Call Jeff's cell first.

    At Hotel
    • Hotel Holy Himalaya
    • Location: Kathmandu
    NOTE: Call Jeff's cell first.
  • Flight Information
    Details TBA
  • Itinerary
    2024 Nepal Trip Itinerary

    Updated 2/21/2024

    Friday, October 04:
    • Arrive Raleigh Airport TBA
    • Depart for Kathmandu TBA

    Sunday, October 06:
    • Arrive Kathmandu TBA
    • Go to Hotel
    • Rest, spend a couple of days in Kathmandu
    • NOTE: All international counselors come into Nepal on this day.

    Tuesday, October 08:
    • Travel to Camp Location
    • Conduct Staff Training

    Wednesday, October 09:
    • Complete Staff Training
    • Team Building

    Thursday, October 10:
    • Complete Staff Training
    • Kids Arrive

    Thursday, October 10 - Monday, October 14:
    • Year 3 Nepal Camp

    Monday, October 14:
    • Return to Kathmandu
    • Travel to Hotel
    • Rest

    Tuesday, October 15:
    • Rest
    • Enjoy Kathmandu Sites

    Wednesday, October 16 - Friday, October 18:
    • 2-Night, 3-Day Himalayan Trek

    Friday, October 18:
    • Stay at Hotel, Rest

    Saturday, October 19:
    • Camp-Led Worship
    • Leave for airport

    Wednesday, November 1:
    • Depart Kathmandu
    • Arrive in Atlanta
  • Camp Location
  • Personal Travel Insurance Details
    Faith Ventures Pricing

    For more details and to purchase, please visit; a service provided by Brotherhood Mutual, our group insurance carrier, or Secutive insurance services as recommended by Sarah Kodinsky.

  • Himalayan Trek Description

    Chisapani trek – 2 nights 3 days
    DAY 01 – KATHMANDU – SUNDARIJAL - CHISAPANI (2,150m) - 7 hours of walking
    From the hotel, it is a short  30 minutes drive trough the city, past Boudhanath Stupa and out into the countryside. Trek from Sundarijal to Chisapani takes about four - five hours. Sundarijal is a small bus park and market square located at the entrance to Shivapuri National Park. The name Sundarijal means beautiful water and once you start your trek, you will see why. Head off on a stone stair case, the trail follows the beautiful cascading waterfall and stream for about an hour in the subtropical jungle until you reach the small settlement of Mulkarka, just before here we will pass an army check post . From here you have a long haul up the stair case, through farming villages, terraced paddy fields and open grazing fields. Once you reach the top of the stairs, the trail heads down the ridge through the forest of oak and rhododendron and we pass through jungle on route to Chisopani (Cold Water) . On arrival , given clear weather you will be greeted with your first tantalizing views of the Himalaya. You will  have close view of a long range of Eastern Himalayas from Langtang to Gaurishankar Ranges . Overnight is at Chisapani Tea House Lodge 
    DAY 02 – CHISAPANI (2150m) – NAGARKOT (2175m)- 9/10 hours of walking
    From Chisopani  y o u  t r e k  through t he l us h f o r e s t s  a n d  through  the “ Dhaps ” , (wet lands) and out into the rural hillside farming land, given clear weather you should get fantastic views through most of the day featuring Gauri Shankar, Shishapangma and Mardi Himal . Overnight at Simple hotel in Nagarkot. 
    Hike from Nagarkot to Changunarayan takes approximately three and half hours and drive from Changunarayan to Kathmandu takes about one and half hours. The trail passing through the scattered bushes of protected forest and villages to reach the Changu hillock. The most popular walk leads down from Nagarkot along a ridge to the temple of Changunarayan-with views of Sankhu village to the right and Bhaktapur to the left . Changunarayan is situated at the end of a long ridge which runs well into the valley, i t is said to have been built in 323 A.D. by King Hari Datta Varma. The temple is said to be the oldest temple in the valley which is richly decorated with sculptures and carvings. After excursion in and around Changunarayan you board the vehicle to get back to Kathmandu. 

    Clothing and Equipment
    Suggested items to bring:

    1.      Rucksack or backpack or daypack with clothing for 2 days only
    2.      Sunglass or goggles-suggested.
    3.      Hats- Sun hat and woolen hat
    4.      Water bottle (1 liter)- with proper cap
    5.      Down jackets, wool-shirts and sweater
    6.      Socks- Wool or wool/nylon
    7.      Shorts and shirts
    8.      Walking shoe: trekking boots are useful in all condition. Sport shoes work on this trail.
    9.      Walking stick – suggested only
    Medical Supplies (suggested only)
    1.  Chip stick                                                    
    2.  Foot powder
    3.  Bandage and tapes
    4.  Moleskin or blister tape
    5.  Anti-diarrhea medicine                                       
    6.  Decongestant medicine
    7.  Aspirin
    8.  Antiseptic cream
    9.  Cough Syrup
    10.  Water purification tablets
    11.  Sunscreen


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