We are a global 501(c)3 organization offering an "unrivaled camp culture" to the young and young-at-heart. We host weeklong summer camp adventures for kids 9-18 years of age and retreats for all ages, conduct camp staff training worldwide, extend an exceptional rental facility for retreats and events, and host laser-tag gaming with state-of-the-art taggers.

Below are key elements we strive to infuse in each event and summer camp program.

Swamp Camp Q&A Fact Sheet

Swamp Camp Q &A Fact Sheet

At Swamp Camp, we have a long-standing commitment to our families and friends to be “the safest place on the planet, besides your home.” A lot goes into living up to that standard, so as a part of this commitment we want to ensure each of you understand as much as possible about the camp and its management. With this in mind, we have put together this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document as an easy to reference guide to some of the not-so-obvious-and-curious topics. May it increase your knowledge and comfort to our commitment to indeed make Swamp Camp “the safest place on the planet, besides your home.”

Swamp Camp Boys Cabin

Participants are assembled in teams by age to augment peer-to-peer relationships.

Two or three student-counselors are assigned to each group to lead, train and care for participants.

Swamp Camp Boys Counselor
Swamp Camp Service Team

Each team is given work assignment to fulfill the daily duties required to keep the camp running smoothly

Daily age-appropriate classes are offered with a curriculum emphasizing character enrichment.

Swamp Camp Bible Class
Swamp Camp Games

Daily games are planned to encourage teamwork, strategy and physical education.

Two assemblies are devoted to public expression centered on gratitude and encouragement; this allows children chances to learn confidence in public speaking and to develop feedback skills helping them to understand the importance and impact of positive reinforcement.

Swamp Camp Ring of Honor
Swamp Camp Stralight Devotional

One session is held under the stars as we discuss facts regarding our solar system, the distances of stars and the vastness of our universe helping children to understand that there is no other place or species known like us and that they are special and have a unique and sacred role to play in all of nature.

One session is dedicated to the power of forgiveness and the destructive nature that hate, anger, disharmony, and selfishness has on us individually and collectively in our relationships and societies in general.

Swamp Camp Cross Study

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