At its start, Camp Swamp only offered a few weeks of camp in the summers. It wasn't long until other services began to make their way into the Camp Swamp repertoire. In 2012, Camp Swamp officially changed its name to Swamp Camp Services, Inc. to better convey its brand name, Camp Swamp, and its focus on serving via camp-based functions. We are proud of our facilities and rich heritage and happy to help you find the services that meets your needs.

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Our Services

Camp Swamp Campers

Summer Camp and Youth & Family Retreats

"One Week Can Change a Life."

During June and July, week-long summer camp sessions are conducted for children 9-18 years of age. Spread throughout the year, Camp Swamp hosts parent-child retreats and 3-night, 4-day New Years overnight event called [email protected] Swamp.

Camp Program &
Staff Training

"One Week Change the World."

We go all over the world, wherever we are invited, to train host communities how to operate a camp via Swamp's international camp culture and staff training organization; the goal is to inculcate our Camp Swamp Culture and Values to create a perennial experience for young and old.

Swamp Corps Campers
Swamp Corps Campers
Camp Swamp Campers
Camp Swamp Campers

Retreat and Overnight Camp Rentals

"Discover Excellence."

Throughout the year, Camp Swamp is available for community groups to host their own events: from weekend retreats to week long overnight summer camps.

Family & Group Laser Tag Fun

"Come Play Tag with Us!"

Camp Swamp is available year-round for groups to host their own laser tag events: weekend missions or birthday parties

Swamp Corps Campers
Swamp Corps Campers

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Georgia Atlanta Camp Swamp 5 Year Plan

Watch to learn about our 5-Year Plan.

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Camp Swamp Going Green

Camp Swamp now offers electric vehicle hookup.
(EV Level 2 J1772 30 Amp Connector).

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