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  • Camper Related

    Be sure to check your spam or junk email for emails from Swamp Virtual Camp and mark emails from virtualcamp at campswamp.com or jeff at campswamp.com as an approved sender.
    Watch the videos on Swamp Virtual Camp website or attached to emails to better navigate the Hopin platform and to learn the plans for the week. You will probably need to watch them multiple times to familiarize yourself with the Hopin platform.
    Determine which device you are using to access camp.  Make sure all driver and software updates have been completed on your gadget.
    Choose Chrome as the web browser. If you don’t have it on your device, download it, as the Hopin platform performs best on that browser.
    Once you receive your individualized ticket for camp in your email, Create a Hopin account prior to the start of camp:
    1. Go to hopin.to
    2. Click on Sign Up
    3. Enter email and password. This email must match the email you put on your camper registration and must be unique to you. This email will be your account UserID.
    4. Once logged in, click on My Account or on the ticket link that was sent to you by email (it will automatically send you to the check out screen, if you have not already registered for the event.)
    5. Click on your ticket choice (Girls 1, Boys 1, etc. per your cabin name) and click big blue "Check Out" button.
    6. Go to Event area and choose the event: "Swamp Virtual Camp Week X Partt 1" where 'X' is your week. NOTE: the week is split into Part 1 and Part 2. You will get a ticket for each. The Part 2 ticket will arrive on Tuesday so be on the look out for it.
    7. Once inside the event you will be taken to the reception area (notice the location designations on the left hand side of the screen: Reception, Stage, Session, Networking, and Expo.) Reception is where you can see the schedule telling you what is coming up. Session is where you will find your cabin.
    Attend the Sunday morning 9:30 am EDT Swamp Virtual Camp Check-In to familiarize yourself with the Hopin platform, meet your counselors and cabin-mates and resolve any technical issues. NOTE: Verify and reverify the time in your location. Use this online Time Zone Calculator to see what time 9:30 am EDT equals where you live.
    Set up your home environment for your daily time at Swamp Virtual Camp. Find a comfortable place without a lot of background noise or distractions, with good access to the internet.
    Confirm that you have a strong wi-fi connection. You may find that some places in your home have better reception than others.  It might be best to plug in an Ethernet Cat5 or Cat6 cable directly from your router to your device and not rely on wifi to limit interruptions in internet service.
    Plan meals, snacks and drinks so that you don’t miss anything during the day.
    Keep a good sleep schedule so that you are ready to go for each day and don’t miss any of our time together.
    To incorporate another aspect of the camp experience, plan time outside and being active to balance out time online.
    Remember the number one rule at camp: "Be where you are supposed to be and do it in three." Well, at Swamp Virtual Camp it's "Be where you are supposed to be and do it virtual-ly." So be sure that you are where your counselors tell you and don't walk away from your screen or from camp anytime during camp. If you have to go to the bathroom or you must walk away, let your counselor know; otherwise at the next cabin count, we will search for you and text your parents as to where you are.
    And finally, HAVE FUN!!!!!

  • Parent Related

    Plan for a memorable time for your kids. They are grieving the loss of their expectations for camp plans and trying to understand the uncertainty of the times and how it effects those plans.  As parents, we can help make our child's Swamp Virtual Camp Week memorable by taking time to think and plan. See the FAQ page for suggestions from a parent on how to do this.
    Think through the best space for your camper to fully participate and enhance the Swamp Virtual Camp experience. Make sure there is good access to the internet and limited distractions and background noise.
    Help them keep an open mind to new experiences.  We all acknowledge the disappointment of not meeting face to face for camp and it is easy to focus on all that is missing and overlook the possibilities open to our campers. There will be new faces, different accents, and a span of time zones.
    Find ways to make your home an outpost for Swamp Virtual Camp.  Figure out ways to incorporate camp traditions with your family. Maybe there are special snack foods, silly games, friendly competitions with consequences, mail call, or have meals virtually with another camper or his or her family.
    Ensure your child's attendance and whereabouts during camp. We want your child to experience every part of Swamp Virtual Camp so we will be conducting cabin counts often, as we do at In-Person camp. If your child is missing and his or her whereabouts is not known, i.e. had to go to bathroom, walks away without letting his or her counselor know, etc., we will start the process of finding him or her and part of that process is texting or WhatsApping you. Please ensure your child is where he or she is supposed to be.
    Remember: no part of camp may be recorded. Please support and help us in the endeavor to keep Swamp Virtual Camp "the safest space on the planet, inside your home."
    Lastly, like the kids: HAVE FUN!!

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