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  • CAMPER MAIL: Where do I send mail to my child?
    • Mail is given out each day.
    • Send all mail early in the week to be sure it arrives on time.
    • All packages and letters must be sent through the mail.
    • Please write a return address on your package or letter.
    • Due to limited storage, hand delivered mail will not be accepted at drop off.

    Swamp Camp
    Attn: Camper's Name
    1400 Maxeys Road
    Union Point, GA 30669
  • CHECK IN: What time do campers check in on Sunday?
    • Summer Camp Check-In is open in the dining hall from 3 PM until 5 PM.
    • If you are going to be late, or unable to attend, please call (706) 352-4451* that day, so we do not give away your bed.
    • For Special Events or Retreats, please refer to information and communications for check-in times and places.
    • A Pre-Arrival email will be sent a couple of days before each event with pertinent information, i.e. check-in, pick up times, balance due payments, directions, etc.

    * This number is not for general registration questions and is not monitored regularly when camp is not in session. Contact Us for general questions.
  • BENEVOLENCE: What are the steps for my church to support a camper(s)?
    Please do NOT send money to the camp on behalf of the members you are supporting.  In the past, churches have mailed us one lump sum to cover their member's registration fees.  This got confusing as some people had not registered and others showed up the day of check-in expecting it to be paid but it wasn't.

    Please follow this procedure:
    1. Have the member register their child and pay the required deposit. (Both a registration confirmation and a payment receipt can be printed for your verification; the deposit helps them be invested and gives us a level of assurance the camper will show.)
    2. Make a check payable to Swamp Camp Services, Inc. (This will alleviate any concern of the check not being used for camp.)
    3. Give the check to the member. (They know the amount is covered and they have the responsibility of turning it in--not you or the camp.)
    4. They turn it in when they check their child in at camp. (This way they own the completion of this process.)

    Adherence to these steps will:
    • Alleviate the need to track down people who haven't registered. (This took our small staff an enormous amount of time in the past.)
    • Avoid any potentially embarrassing situations at check-in when they think registration has been paid and we show nothing has been paid. (Usually miscommunication or no communication and they feel embarrassed…then this drops into the track-down process.)
    • Keep us from having to process refund checks for those whom the church thought they were supporting and then didn't register, or acquire additional funds from you or the family for those who thought money was paid on their behalf and it wasn't. (Yet another way steps can be alleviated)
    • All of the above situations have happened repeatedly in the past.  We are trying to avoid any of these.

    Many groups have followed this process in previous years and it worked like a charm, encouraging more direct communication between the church benevolence team and the member, and removing the camp as the middle man/banker.

    Thanks for complying with this process.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.
  • ELECTRONICS: Should my child bring their phones or music devices?
    We would strongly advise against it.  However, if brought, these items may be used only at cabin time.  Also, in the past we have had such items lost or stolen.  If you choose to send them, please make sure they are labeled with the name of the child.  We can't be responsible for any of these items that are lost or stolen. We are NO CELL PHONE space.
  • ELIGIBILITY: My child is only eight; can she come to camp?
    • Your child must be nine (9) by August 31st or 19 after August 31st to be able to attend summer camp.
    • For Retreats and Special Events, please refer to registration information and communications.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Do you offer a gluten-free menu?
    Click here for our Gluten-Related Position Statement.
  • IRS STATUS: What is your Tax ID number and status?
    • Swamp Camp Services, Inc. aka The Swamp is a 501(c)3, Publication 78 listed organization. Our Tax ID is 58-2381032.
    • Click here for a copy of our IRS Exempt Letter.
  • PICK-UP: What time do I pick up my child on Saturday?
    • Each summer camp week ends on SATURDAY with closing ceremonies at 10 AM. Parents, please join us before you depart.
    • Please be prompt in picking up your children.
    • For Special Events or Retreats, please refer to related information and communications.
    • A Pre-Arrival email will be sent a couple of days before each event with pertinent information, i.e. check-in, pick up times, balance due payments, directions, etc.
  • PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION: Is there any information before I arrive?
    A Pre-Arrival email will be sent a couple of days before each event with pertinent information, i.e. check-in, pick up times, balance due payments, directions, etc.

    You can also see general information now, by clicking here.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Do you offer scholarships for camp fees?
    At this time, no scholarships are offered by the camp. Please see your local church for assistance.
  • SPENDING MONEY: How much money should my child bring to camp?
    There are two occasions for your child to spend money at camp: doing crafts or buying snacks from the canteen.

    • We have a craft each day that is free, but all other crafts must be purchased (prices range for those from $.50 to $3.00).
    • Snacks may be purchased several times during the day, (prices range from $.25 to $1.50).
    • All can sodas are $.75 and all bottle drinks are $1.25.
    • We suggest $2 to $3 a day.
    There is a bank and the campers can check out the money they need for each day.
  • VEGETARIAN: My child is a vegetarian. Do you have something to eat for him or her?
    Vegetarian requirements are considered with the same philosophy as are gluten free situations. (Click here for our Gluten-Related Position Statement.)

    Please contact us regarding any vegetarian questions.
  • VISITORS: Can I or other parents or students visit camp?
    Only with special permission from the directors. We have found that visitors take away from the week's total experience and so we highly limit this traffic.

    Please inquire and call before showing up as this can cause a security disturbance as well.


  • ACCOUNT: What is the Swamp Registration Account?
    This is the account created after you completed the initial registration form; it is called your Swamp Account and is accessed via the Swamp Parent Dashboard Login . From this account you can:
    • Request changes in current registrations
    • See important news updates
    • Update your personal and billing information
    • Add Campers
    • Pay your balance
    • Register for other weeks or programs
    • And more.

    New Family to Swamp? Click here to access the Swamp Parent Dashboard. Then click 'Create your account' link.
  • ACCESSING ACCOUNT: How do I access my account after registering?
    Access your Swamp Account via the Swamp Parent Dashboard Login
  • BILLING ACCOUNT: What is the billing contact?
    This is the primary party responsible for making payments who will be our first point of contact for any account related questions.
  • CABIN-MATE REQUESTS: What is the policy and how do I make a request?
    • We will honor one (1) cabin-mate request for all 9 & 10 year olds and first time campers of any age.
    • We cannot guarantee multiple cabinmate requests.
    • A cabinmate request can be made via the Swamp Account during the registration process. If you have a question you can always reach us by clicking here.
  • CHANGES or UPDATES: How do I make a change to my child's registration information?
    Login to your Swamp Account via the Swamp Parent Dashboard Login

    Click Contact Us on the home page.
  • DEPOSITS: Why is a deposit required?
    The deposit, which will be applied to your total fee, is used to reserve a spot. In the past, we didn't require a deposit and people would sign up and then not show up, taking a spot which could have gone to another camper. We felt we needed to have something in order to judge the seriousness of the registration and to reduce no-shows.
  • DISCOUNTS: My account is not showing the advertised discount?
    Discounts should be automatic. If yours has not, please Contact Us.
  • MEDICINES: What if my child needs to bring medicines?
  • MULTIPLE WEEKS: How do I register my child for multiple weeks?
    Each registration is entered one at a time per camper. Each registration will be listed under your camper's name in the Enrollment section of your Swamp Account. Click Enroll button to see all the offerings the camper is eligible for. Eligibility is based on age, grade, or gender or a combination thereof.
  • MULTIPLE CHILDREN: How do I register more than one child?
    Click the green +Add Camper button in the Enrollment section of your Swamp Account.
  • SECURITY: How secure is my data?
    If you have access to the Internet from the computer that you are registering on, your data is already on the Internet and is vulnerable.

    An analogy our supplier likes to use is that you don't keep your life savings at your house, you take it to a place built to protect money. It is our belief that your data is safer with our supplier than in your home. Their servers are behind state of the art firewalls, monitored 24 x 7 x 365, require biometrics to enter, and reside in the same facility where some of the largest U.S. banks host their servers. They take storing client information very seriously and adhere to the strict credit card processing security rules and policies.

    You can utilize www.campswamp.com with confidence. We have partnered with a leading payment gateway, to offer safe and secure credit card and electronic check transactions for our customers.

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