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Camper Mail

We accept the following major carriers ONLY: USPS, Fedex, UPS and DHL.

* Mail is given out each day.
* Put camper's cabin number, if known, otherwise just name will do. Cabin number helps in sorting.
* Send all mail early in the week to be sure it arrives on time.
*Mail is not forwarded.
*Late mail is marked Return to Sender.
*Please write a return address on your package or letter.
*Due to limited storage, hand delivered mail will not be accepted on check-in day.

NOTE: No Uber or Private Delivery Services by private citizens. Only use Fedex, UPS or US Postal Service. We recognize the above services and their vehicles and have a relationship with the drivers; where as we do not recognize private cars and opens us to just anyone coming on the property. This can become a safety concern with private individuals on our property during camp sessions. This is for everyone's safety, particularly your child's safety.

Swamp Camp
Attn: Camper's Name
1400 Maxeys Road
Union Point, GA 30669
Swamp Camp Camper Mail

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