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"The Safest Space on the Planet, Inside Your Home."


Why Virtual Camp?

In the face of an unprecedented time of disconnection and isolation throughout the world, we are looking for ways to facilitate global spiritual connections. This current situation is challenging our traditional thinking on staying connected, and through virtual Swamp we are taking the Swamp culture online to build spiritual relationships across the globe while keeping to our overall purpose of helping kids see God via "The Safest Space (Place) on the Planet, Inside (Besides) Your Home."


"I am excited to talk to different people and experience something I have never done before. Thank you for this opportunity."

- Tshego, 17, Camper, South Africa

"Couldn't have imagined a year without Swamp so I'm super excited to experience a virtual version."😁😁

- Sarah, 18, Camper, India

"An amazing time of connection and reflection with God at the helm and new friends at our side. As I thought about the camp some more and discovered that I actually learnt to be myself more and the ring of honour gave me more confidence to do so." 🤔

- Jordan, 17, Camper, South Africa

What is Swamp Virtual Camp?

Swamp Virtual Camp is an opportunity for kids ages 11-18 to attend camp online with campers around the world, building friendships and connections across the continents. Because of camp cancellations and quarantine restrictions imposed in most countries, Swamp has developed an online camp on a virtual platform to help our campers experience the safe culture of camp digitally, connecting them to each other and pointing them towards God. There are Bible classes, devotionals, cabin time, challenges and plenty of mingles. Something to excite not only a camper but a parent as well!


"After participating in the pilot weeks of virtual camp, I am looking forward to the rest of the summer, where I know I will get to build new relationships all around the world. Camp is camp is camp, whether it is online, in another country, or here in the US. These relationships are things we will hold onto for years to come."

- Lucy, 18, Camper, USA

"Swamp Virtual Camp was the most fun I've had throughout this summer. It was exciting, interactive, spiritual and connecting. It was a marvelous opportunity to meet and make friends throughout the globe. Swamp never disappoints."

- Sreevarsh, 17, Camper, India

"First of all I'm very excited to be part of the first virtual camp and then to meet and get to know new people, as well as improving my relationship with God. A wonderful experience to connect with others and God." 🌿 

- Gabriella, 17, Camper, Zimbabwe

Top Considerations

With all the perils and pitfalls of the internet, we knew we had to approach this diligently using our usual Swamp standards: Safe-as-Home Environment, Fun-filled, Spiritual Experience, and Affordable-for-All Cost. This mindset led us to a connection, while attending the Quarantine Church Con this past March, where we met Kalah Haley, Founder/CEO of Saint Rock Media. She and her team introduced an online platform, called Hopin, which meets Swamp's highest safety standards: THREE levels of safety checks and offering key features allowing many of Swamp's traditional program elements at a reasonable registration fee making it accessible for kids from all societies around the world.


"I'm looking forward to seeing all the different people from different countries, getting to know them and having lots of fun. Great experience!!"

- Darryl, 17, Camper, Namibia

"I am excited to make new friends and having lots of fun. What a fun virtual experience."

- Jewel, 12, Camper, Zambia

"Hey 🤗 I’m super excited to see how camp is going to work and how I can deepen my relationship with God and with others at my own home."

- Luke, 16, Camper, South Africa

Let's Get Started...

Read the Frequently Asked Questions to prepare for the best online experience.

Review the contents of this page and the FAQs with your child and family so everyone is on the same page.

Discuss Camp Swamp's Values with your child. It is expected that each participant's online behavior will support and reflect these values.

Register today. Review the openings listed below, then click the big yellow button below to access the registration form.

IH@TS Registration Opens October 25, 2020.

NOTE: If you are registering multiple children, it is important that a separate email is used for each of them. One Child = One Email. Your children's tickets will not work properly if you register them all with the same email.

Pay for the retreat. Payment is required at the time of registration. The cost is $3US for African campers, $15 US for Brazilian Campers and $45 for U.S. campers.

Look for separate confirmation emails: one for registration and one for payment. Be sure virtualcamp at is listed as an approved email sender. Five to seven days before your child goes to camp, he or she will receive an email with their individual link, or ticket, with detailed instructions on how to enter camp. They should use this link as soon as possible to create a Hopin account, if not already done, and check-in to the event

NOTE: If you are registering multiple children, it is important that a separate email is used for each child. One Child = One Email. Your children's tickets will not work properly if you register them all with the same email.

Watch the tutorial videos so you can familiarize yourself with the check-in process and the online camp environment and be ready on your first day. Click here to view.

Open Spots

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Registration Closing Dates

International Holidays @the Swamp (IH@TS)
Sunday, December 20 at 6:00 PM Eastern U.S.

"The Safest Space on the Planet, Inside Your Home."

Why Virtual Camp?

Global Perspective
Spiritual Influences
Building Connections
In the Safety of Your Home

We are known for being a "second home" to so many campers. We look forward to being in your home, helping your child connect with God and build global friendships.

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