July 17 - 31, 2024
Year 2 of 3

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In May of 2018, two people from Taiwan, Kevin and Vincent, came to the Cambodia Swamp Camp by invitation of Sovann Seng, the leader of the Phnom Penh Church of Christ. They came with a dream to have camps for kids not only in Taiwan but in mainland China; they left with that dream in tact. Thus came the invitation which we received from Kevin, the Taipei church leader. This trip proved to be a key milestone in reaching children all over this vast and populous area of the world, as campers from Hong Kong and Mainland China joined Taiwanese campers. Join us for Year 2 for a trip of a lifetime and help us impact many lives.

Trip Information

Fees & Deadlines:


  • Round Trip Flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Taipei, Taiwan
  • All Lodging - camp nights, hotel nights
  • All Camp Fees
  • All Transportation
  • 33 out of 45 meals
  • Group Travel Insurance
Does NOT Include:
  • Vaccination Costs (click here for more info)
  • Souvenirs
  • Approximately 12 Meals
  • Personal Travel Insurance (See details in the Key Information Section)
  • Deposit - $495 by December 31, 2023
  • Payment #1 - $300 by January 31
  • Payment #2 - $300 by February 28
  • Payment #3 - $300 by March 31
  • Payment #4 - $300 by April 30
  • Payment #5 - $300 by May 31
  • Payment #6 - $300 by June 30
  • Payment #7 - $300 by July 15
Participant Information Calls:
  • Call #1: 8:00 PM, SUN 14 APR
  • Call #2: 8:00 PM, SUN 2 JUN
  • Call #3: 8:00 PM, SUN 14 JUL
  • NOTE: The purpose of these calls is to share pertinent travel information and to be available for communication and Q&A

Key Information:

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  • Do I Need a Visa?
    As a U.S. passport holder, you will be allowed to enter Taiwan without a visa for up to ninety days if your passport is valid for more than 90 days. If your passport has less than 90 days of validity remaining, you will be able to enter Taiwan for a time equal to the expiration date of your passport.

    Currently, no visa required for tourists staying less that 90 days. Click here for more information.
  • Are Vaccinations Needed?
    Check the following two sources: Passport Health or CDC Health Information for Travelers to Taiwan.

    Find the nearest Travel Clinic to you. They can advise you on the vaccinations needed and the fees associated with each one.

    Recommendations and Notes from consultation with UGA Travel Clinic:
    • Must have MMR: verify up-to-date; can request MMR Titer if not sure
    • Recommended Medicines / Vaccinations:
      • Malaria: get 23 day prescription of malarone: easier on stomach and less pills to take.
      • Typhoid: shot lasts 2 years, pills last 5 years
      • Cholera: get zithromax as your diarrhea antibiotic to bring with you
    • Optional Vaccinations - Your Call:
      • Yellow Fever - one shot lasts a lifetime.
      • Japanese Encaphalitis: not likely but it can be present because of high mosquito population. Medicine is costly (approx $700 for two shots); comes in two doses and must be taken 28 days apart. We will have mosquito repellent with us.

    Buy generous supply of Ultrathon that is listed on the Stuff to Bring list. It is pricey but affective; same as used by military.
  • Camp Schedule
    Updated 8/31/2023
  • Emergency Contact Information
    Below are the numbers you can call

    During Trip
    When: Any time
    Jeff Rorabaugh
    Cell: 706-818-5842
    Email: jeff at campswamp.com

    At Camp

    • July 23-July 30, Call Jeff's cell.

    At Hotel
    • July 20-22 and July 30-Aug 1, Call Jeff's cell.
  • Flight Information
    As of 2/19/24

    Specific Flight Info: TBA

    Regarding Payments and Group Ticketing:
    The flight cannot be booked as a group reservation as the best airline for the flight does not take group reservations.

    With this in mind, we will watch the market and pricing and buy the tickets in March or April; therefore, please make your payments on time so a good amount of cash can be gathered in order to pay for the tickets. The good thing about a group reservation is that it allows for us to make monthly payments. Hope this makes sense.


  • Itinerary
    2024 Taiwan Trip Itinerary

    Updated 2/19/2024

    Wednesday, July 17:
    • TBA Arrive at Airport Domestic Terminal South
    • TBA Depart Atlanta
    • TBA Arrive TBA

    Thursday, July 18:
    • TBA Depart San Francisco

    Friday, July 19:
    • TBA Arrive in Taipei
    • Travel to Taichung
    • Stay in Hotel & Rest

    Saturday, July 20:
    • Activity

    Sunday, July 21:
    • Worship with Taichung Church
    • Travel to Camp Site
    • Staff Training and Team Building

    Monday, July 22:
    • Complete Staff Training
    • Campers arrive 12:00pm

    Monday, July 22 - Sunday, July 28:
    • Taiwan Camp

    Sunday, July 28:
    • Worship at Camp
    • Return to Taipei
    • Stay at hotel

    Monday, July 29:
    • Rest & Activity

    Tuesday, July 30:
    • Visit Local Market
    • TBA Depart for Atlanta
    Wednesday, July 30 or 3`:
    • TBA Arrive in Atlanta
  • Participants
    Carvalho, IIGalileuLoganville, GA
    DalmidaAaliyahHolly Springs, NC
    FentonEthanWoodstock, GA
    FieldsWillSummerville, SC
    HudakFaithCanton, GA
    HumphriesNaomiCanton, GA
    LaneAbigailLawrenceville, GA
    LewellynDaytonSummerfield, SC
    Mota-FountainJaylinWilmington, NC
    PayneCarterWoodstock, GA
    PayneKathlinWoodstock, GA
    PayneChamaipornWoodstock, GA
    ReddRichardBethlehem, GA
    RorabaughJenniferWilmington, NC
    RorabaughWilliamWilmington, NC
    RussellJoshuaDurham, NC
    StephensMaryMount Pleasant, SC
    WadsworthRebeccaHoschton, GA
    YimAngelicaRoswell, GA
    YimLilyRoswell, GA
    YimMayaRoswell, GA
    YimSethRoswell, GA
  • Camp Location
  • Personal Travel Insurance Details
    Faith Ventures Pricing

    For more details and to purchase, please visit www.FaithVentures.com; a service provided by Brotherhood Mutual, our group insurance carrier, or Secutive insurance services as recommended by Sarah Kodinsky.


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For questions, Email Jeff.

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