Swamp Corps is the generative arm of Swamp Camp Services, Inc., the year-round retreat, conference and overnight camp facility affectionately known as Camp Swamp. Swamp Corps’ overarching purpose is to replicate Camp Swamp's spiritual camp culture by training Host Communities around the world how to plan, organize, and direct overnight summer camps for 9 to 18-year-old children.

Our objectives are:

  • To establish a perennial camp wholeheartedly endorsed and supported by the Host Community,
  • To extend service-learning and leadership training opportunities to students 14+ years of age,
  • To offer Host Community participants an overnight camp training process designed to teach and instill character in a memorable, fun-filled fashion.

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Our Vision

The Camp Swamp culture is available within 300 miles (482 km) of any person on the planet, especially children, and every person within those 300 miles gets the opportunity to experience this culture, year after year.

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Our Mission

A Little Slice of Heaven: Partnering with God to create a safe, spiritual space for belonging and learning through play, connection, community, and wonder.

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Our Values

Truly, these concepts epitomize the heart of camp and the essence of the Camp Swamp Culture.

Everyone (parents, volunteers, counselors, and campers) has to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally safe in order for the spiritual self to be realized. Set an environment of respect; deal with bullies of all kinds, and create a culture of love. (Imagine an atmosphere where last names weren’t important; thus you were known for who you are and not all the ties to your parents, brother, sister, money, position, etc.) Thus our motto: “The Safest Place on the Planet, Besides Your Home.”

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  • "We noticed character changes on return from the camp - a totally different attitude." Camper Parent
  • "My child was greatly impacted by last year's trip. It was a chance for her to be out of herself, and other's centered." Counselor Parent
  • "I learned that all humans are the same no matter what color or where they live." Participant

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