Help Us Put a Roof Over Our Heads...

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The Camp just celebrated its 25th anniversary and we have been at the Swamp property for 20 years now. Wow, can you believe it?!

That means it is getting older (like us, hey?! OldER not old mind you.) And as things get older they need repairing or replacing; some of which are the many roofs covering our campers heads. Every building: work sheds, cabins, bathhouses, and the dining hall are in need; a lot of square footage.

The 2017 cost estimate is $125,000 and we are planning to do the work in 2021, so with that in mind, we are aiming for $150,000 over the next three years (2018-2020) in order to cover for any increases and extra work.

We ask that you give to this effort so we can keep the cabins dry, bathhouses mold-free, and the dining hall leak-less and beautiful as the day it was made.


Swamp Roof Shingle
Buy Some Shingles:

Donation Levels:

* 1 Bundle - $100
* 1 Cabin - $2,500
* 1 Bathhouse - $15,000
* Dining Hall - $50,000

Make check or money order payable to Swamp Camp Services, Inc.

Mail to:
Camp Swamp Roofing Fund
ATTN: Jeff Rorabaugh
33 N Stratford Drive
Athens, GA 30605
$1,500 of $150,000 goal

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